Glitchy background, merge delay and more...

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Glitchy background, merge delay and more...

I played petridish for more than a year now, and i think a lot of bugs and glitch should be taken in consideration... I mostly play MS, so it might not apply to all gameModes...

Here's a list of anoying bugs i noticed:

1. If u split too quickly while getting a 1-2 seconds of freeze, then some of your cells are duplicated and stuck on the background, witch is affecting the position of what u see in the map... I seen the red button that we all have to spam to some way earase the glitchy cells, but that's a weird way to fix a bug...
2. When i started to play MS a lot, i could split rly fast, each time i was pressing my space bar, my cells were splitting. But now, i feel like there's kind of a delay to ensure i don't do it too fast... And my keyBoard is working rly well btw...
3. It takes too much time to merge!! It's like one second or so!! Tf!! Stop using such delays!! The game play is even borring myself sometimes ´cause of this ;).
4. Sometimes, i can't even move my cell anymore!! It seems i need to click on my mouse or send other inputs than just my cursor position... But when i refresh, it goes back to normal... Tf xD.

Plz do some modification to your source code! This game is in someway getting worse than Make great again! We love petridish!


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Hi, play on Mozilla Firefox to avoid most of the problems.

Q u e e n

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use settings for old background

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У вас режим ONESHOT ужасно все виснет. Исправьте, невозможно играть (Сервера с 11 и далее). Двигаешься по карте еле еле, соединяешься еле еле. У вас походу сервак уже старый. Надо что-то помощнее поставить уже на этот режим.

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Bonjour je fait suite à ce poste puisque j est le même problème , que ce sois en ms en on-shot ou tous autres jeux petri dish,j ai essayer plusieurs navigateur ( chrome safari Edge Mozilla yandex ect...) puis test du jeux sur mon ordi en direct idem et ceci n est pas ci vieux que sa il y a 3 mois tous fonctionnait très bien. j ai vider les caches dns cookies rien n y fait si vous avez une solution je suis preneur.

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Hello I follow this post since j is the same problem, whether it is ms in on-shot or any other games petridish, I have tried several browsers (chrome safari edge mozilla yandex ect ...) My computer live ditto and this is not old as its 3 months ago all works very well. I have empty the caches dns cookies nothing does there if you have a solution I am taker.

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